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Technologies have changed almost everything in the gaming and gambling industries. Several decades ago gaming was quite difficult. If you lived in the 1970s-1980s, you would need to have a full gaming machine to play the gaming app you want or visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play slots. In addition, there were not many games to play at that time. For the last two decades, the industry has made a huge jump in its development. There are a lot of software developers that create cool & interesting gaming solutions for folks. Science and tech make it possible to make devices smaller and cleverer.

Thanks to technology, we can greatly simplify our lives. More & more spheres of production and everyday life are transferred from manual work to an automated one.

You see that the world is changing rapidly. In the recent past, no one could imagine that a mobile phone could perform the functions of a camera, a video camera, a notebook, etc. etc.

Computers have also become smarter. A small & tiny chip can solve many tasks simultaneously.

In addition, recently the WiFi technology has become very common. Traditional cable Internet access gradually goes into oblivion.

Now any person can play with his friends via WiFi or through a local network.

The Essence of Free Games Without Wi-Fi Connection

Your mobile gadgets allow you to use a lot of different games and spend your time with joy when you’re free of work or education process. A smartphone has almost all things you need. It can be your office, your GP, your navigator, your sales consultant (the list can be endless…). Actually, you have an access to the whole world with your smartphone.

Gaming technology has also undergone significant changes. The cool thing is that there are a lot of gaming applications that work without Wi-Fi. They do not need much charging, since it’s the Wi-Fi connection that «eats» a lot of charging.

Such gaming applications are very popular because there are no criteria / restrictions for their downloading and launching. You can enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

Game fans can now enjoy their favorite applications without spending much charging of their phone. Over time, all games have become compressed and optimized. Therefore, you do not need to have a full-fledged gaming station to play Mario or The Snake. Moreover, there are many modern games that will not let you get bored. Simply grab your mobile gadget and run the gaming application that you like, spending your time with pleasure.

The greatest part of the gaming apps below will help you train your mind and sleight of hand.

You can run some gaming apps in a multiplayer mode, but you can also use single player mode without connecting to the Internet.

Mobile gaming apps are good fun for children. Especially it refers to those games that help to train the brain. However, many applications are also enjoyed by adults. Definitely, you can find the game for any age category. There is nothing wrong with playing «children’s games,» because as they say «adults are just big kids.«

Where to find no WiFi games? See brief descriptions and download links to 65 games below! The list will be updated soon.

1. The Snake

This is a classic of the genre. In this game, a player must control a long, thin creature reminiscent of a snake that crawls through a territory bordered with walls, collecting food (or other things), avoiding contact with its own tail & the edges of the field. You probably played this game when you were a kid or a teenager. Now it’s time to recapture your youth!

snake game classic

Download The Snake for Android [link]

2. Bouncy Ball

This app was particularly popular in the 2000s. Users enjoyed it on their Nokia and Siemens mobile phones as well as on personal computers. This is an interesting arcade game, in which you need to direct the ball to the exit, bypassing all the traps and collecting bonuses.

Bouncy Ball game

Download Bouncy Ball for Android [link]

3. BomberMan

It was a very played game in the 1990s. Playing it, you control a man who places bombs to destroy a monster to get to the next level. BomberMan has a lot of levels & challenging tasks and is now available as a no WiFi game.

Bumper Man game

Download BomberMan for Android [link]

4. Contract Killer II

This is a videogame where you play as a sniper. Your job is to kill some very dangerous criminals. As a professional sniper, you have all the necessary skills and special weapons. However, you also need to overcome many obstacles on your way. Contract Killer II also belongs to free no WiFi apps.

Contract Killer 2 game

Download the application for Android [link] and iOS [link]

5. Subway Surfer

This is a highly popular game of the 2010s. In this wonderful game, you have to run around the roofs of the railway car, collecting gold, and run away from the evil chief of the railway station.

Subway Surfer game

Download the application for Android [link] and iOS [link]

6. Dead Trigger

This is a 1st person zombie-themed shooter. It is very popular amongst kids. The game has multiple levels each of which gives a gamer more power & points that protect him / her against evil zombies.

Dead Trigger game

Download Dead Trigger for Android [link]

7. Monument Valley

This is an indie puzzle game available for mobile gadgets. The game is based on the world-famous creation of the Penrose brothers called Penrose stairs. You have to do various manipulations with unimaginable architectural structures.

Monument Valley game

Download Monument Valley for Android [link] and iOS [link]

8. Jetpack Joyride

This is an amazing arcade solution for Android-based devices from the creators of Fruit Ninja. The essence of the Jetpack Joyride game is to go through as many obstacles as possible, collect the maximum number of coins on your way and set a record.

Jetpack Joyride game

Download Jetpack Joyride for Android [link] and iOS [link]

9. Pixel Dungeon

This is a game featuring the roguelike genre with pixel graphics & simple controls. Analyze deep secrets of the Pixel Dungeon, collect items and treasures, and fight monster-like creatures. Wi-Fi free games can be really fascinating!

Pixel Dungeon game

Download Pixel Dungeon for Android [link]

10. Shadow Fight 2

In this simulator of martial arts, you can try yourself in the role of a tough fighter and fight with the strongest masters. For every battle won, you will receive a certain amount of money, which will gradually increase, depending on the number of your victories.

Shadow Fight 2 game

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

11. Swamp Attack

In this gaming app, you will face a fight with many different animals. You will have to stock up on ammunition and learn how to shoot straight.

Swamp Attack game

Download Swamp Attack for Android [link]

12. Limbo

Limbo is a dark adventure game in the «trial and death» genre. A gamer will have to solve the puzzles if he / she wanna survive.

Limbo game

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

13. Mario

Mario is one of the most famous games of the 90’s! Overcome obstacles and beware of monsters. The gaming app has an amazing atmosphere; you can play it without a WiFi connection.

Mario game

Download Mario for Android [link] and iOS [link]

14. Badland

You will have a fascinating journey through an unusual and gloomy world. A rounded creature flies through obstacles avoiding many dangers.

Badland game

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

15. Metal Slug

This is a popular console game of the 90s, which is a classic arcade with multiple levels. Complete all levels and stay alive! Metal Slug is considered one of the best free WiFi gaming apps.

Metal Slug game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

16. Shadowrun Returns

This is a fantastic strategic action (cyberpunk noir) for Android-based gadgets, which takes place in the mid of XXI century, where magic things & tech collide together. You will see a plenty of characters with different abilities, six different classes, and more than 300 weapon options.

Shadowrun Returns game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

17. Dumb Ways to Die 1

The essence of the game called Dumb Ways to Die is to save the lives of cute humanoid cartoon creatures, which constantly fall into dangerous and quite common in our life situations. For instance, some characters try to get toast with a fork directly from the hot toaster, others go to swim in a river full of piranhas, etc.

Dumb Ways to Die 1 game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

18. Dumb Ways to Die 2

This is the sequel to the previous app, which features new ways to die. This app also belongs to no Wi-Fi apps.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

19. World of Goo

World of Goo is a logic mobile game with a strong focus on physics. The game is built around the idea of creating different shapes using Goo balls.

World of Goo game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

20. Cut the Rope

This is an arcade gaming app about a cheerful character who constantly wants to eat deliciously. This little monster has only one desire: to eat sweets hanging over its head. Feed the monster, cutting the ropes that hold candies.

Cut the Rope game

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

21. Cut the Rope 2

This is the analogous app as the previous one, but it features new levels & graphics. The gaming app is also cute and you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Cut the Rope 2 game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

22. Can Knock Down 3

Can Knockdown 3 is a game with a great physics engine, in which a gamer needs to throw balls on glass jars, passing different levels with different tasks in different 3D locations.

Can Knock Down 3 game

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

23. 4 Pics 1 Word

It’s a simple gaming app: you are given four pictures, and your goal is guessing a full word in them. You can enjoy it without Wi-Fi connection.

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

24. Duet

Duet is a very simple gaming app. You have to control colored balls, guiding them to avoid obstacles. You can enjoy in it with just one hand.

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

25. Plague Inc.

Feel yourself a killer of humanity… Spread the plague and kill people on the Earth.

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

26. Unblock Me

This is an entertaining puzzle game in which you should remove the red block from the center of the screen by moving other blocks.

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

27. Doodle Jump

This is a vertical jumping app, which never ends. Be careful, this game may cause an addiction:)

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

28. Temple Run

This is a game in the action style. Run to save your life, collecting treasures along the way.

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

29. Temple Run 2

This is a sequel of the previous gaming app featuring more monster creatures & challenges.

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

30. Angry Birds

This is a very famous game. There is even a movie based on it. A player throws birds at right places learning how to make the correct angle.

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

31. Plants Vs Zombies 2

This is a great action-strategy adventure, where a player has to meet and defeat legions of frightful zombies.

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

32. Pocket Mortys

It is a Rick and Morty game based on the Pokemon gaming experience.

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

33. Despicable Me

If you love minions, then you should try this app. It belongs to the runners. You have to collect fruits through hurdles, mysterious creatures, and jumps. The gaming app has awesome location collection, so you’ll get inspired playing it.

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

34. Six Guns: Gang Showdown:

Download this mysterious app, and you’ll see territories of the Wild West with secrets, robbers and other unusual enemies. This is a 3rd person shooter, which consists of forty missions. You can unlock new weapon types by opening new levels & receiving virtual points. The app can be found on PlayStore.

Get the gaming app for Android [link]

35. Hill Climb Racing

This is one of the most widespread no WiFi games. It belongs to racing games, where you can feel a rider who overcomes obstacles to reach the end.

Get the gaming app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

36. Hill Climb Racing 2

This is a sequel to Hill Climb Racing I featuring more challenges and funny moments. In addition, you are granted with an opportunity of changing your vehicles as you want.

Download the application for Android [link] and iOS [link]

37. Brain It On!

This is a creative puzzle with good physics. Crank your brain, giving it several interesting & challenging tasks. Each level in this app is unique & requires an individual approach. Do you have enough creativity & argumentation to solve complicated tasks? Each level features individual task, for instance, you have to throw the ball into a glass, sort different balls, throw off the lid from the cube and so on.

Download the app for Android [link]

38. Word Cookie

The app has an unusual interface. You’ll see the frypan with cookies placed on the back picture on the screen. You should combine letters to create words or even sentences. The game features many levels and difficult tasks. In addition, you can reveal extra levels with additional points. These points can also be bought in the game store. They provide help to open words.

Download the app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

39. Quizoid

Quizoid is a traditional multiple-choice trivia quiz gaming app, featuring thousands of questions. A gamer will be able to check his / her knowledge in different areas. The game features three lifelines, namely: 50:50, two-shots, and switching to other questions. Surely, a gamer can enjoy the app in the offline mode. So play it anytime and anywhere (without a web connection)!

Download Quizoid for Android [link]

40. Smash Hit

Go to an unusual journey in other dimension, move in harmony with musical tracks and sounds and shoot down all things you see. This adventure app requires high focusing and timing to fly as far as possible. You should make your way through perfect glass objects using balls. However, the quantity of balls is not unlimited, if they end, the playing process ends too. Smash Hit has a gameplay with music synchronization: each level has unique sound effects.

Get the app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

41. Fruit Ninja

This game is highly popular amongst iPhone and iPad users. Of course, they don’t need a WiFi connection to enjoy this app. The rules of the game are simple. Your mission is to cut fruits using your fingers like swords. But be careful: don’t touch random bombs, as this leads to the end of the gaming process.

Get the app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

42. ZigZag

This is an arcade app in which a gamer has to direct a small black ball as far as possible through the labyrinth, which is full of dangerous corners. In this game, a gamer has to constantly be on the alert, changing the direction of the ball to avoid crushing.

Download ZigZag for Android [link]

43. Zombie Tsunami

This game offers you to side with zombie monsters and help them eat as many people as they can on their way. Moreover, you’ll control several zombies, not just one. The more zombie creatures you have in your subordination, the wider and more interesting your possibilities are.

Download the app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

44. Dragon Mania

This is an app that offers players to engage in the cultivation of dragons of all kinds. They can train them, organize fights with other creatures and even collect from them whole military units to fight the Vikings who periodically attack gamers. The application allows players to raise several dozens of breeds of dragons of different shapes, heights, and tints. Each type has individual skills.

Download Dragon Mania for Android [link] and iOS [link]

45. Flow Free

This gaming app has two modes: time limited mode and free regime without time restrictions. After opening the game, you’ll see a grid with cells contains points and circles of different colors. You mission is pretty simple: you should connect same-colored points with lines. It is important: the lines should not intersect as this means the finish of the game.

Download the app for Android [link] and iOS [link]

46. Mekorama

It’s a puzzle gaming app having 2D effects with 3D models (which is rare today). The essence of Mekorama is pretty simple: a player moves from point 1 to point 2. However, the gameplay is accompanied by a perfect design and beautiful interface. Due to these features, Mekorama is considered a next-gen game. It has fifty levels.

Download Mekorama for Android [link]

47. Bike Race Free

Do you like moto racing games? Enjoy one of the high-ranked gaming apps for iPhones and Android gadgets. You do not need any web connection to run it. You can play it in a single player mode or switch to tournament races. Moreover, you can enjoy the gaming app with your Facebook friends. It features a bulk of races and bikes.

Download the app for Android [link]

48. Gang Star Vegas

It’s an Android based action game featuring perfect graphics. You will play as a newly appeared MMA fighter. You will pass through 80 missions fighting mafia and gangsters. According to the plot of the game, you will become the most wanted male in LA and will participate in wild mafia wars.

Download the app for Android [link]

49. Angry Gran Run

The game tells us about the plight of a grandmother who escaped from a psychiatric hospital for violent patients. It is a typical dynamic runner that differs from competitors in the unhealthy sense of humor of its creators. Obstacles are quite normal at the beginning of the game, eg, pipes excavated by road service and the linen hanging all the way. With time, obstacles become more diverse, for example, you will see aliens and jump over them to avoid contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Download the app for Android [link]

50. Fail Hard

Users will be able to play as a beginner stuntman, who trains on his backyard and other locations available. You can perform spectacular jumps through hedges, somersaults and coups in the air. The game will surprise you with the compliance with the laws of physics (motion), which you can check due to a huge number of trampolines, stairs, and beams.

Download the app for Android [link]

51. Garfield’s dinner Hawaii

A player needs to manage a restaurant to serve clients with their beloved dishes. He / she can choose gaming characters from Garfield comics.

Download the app for Android [link]

52. Baseball Hero

Do you like baseball? If yes, you should hit as much homeruns as possible in this game! Gamers can customize their characters and choose different game modes.

Download the app for Android [link]

53. Sudoku

Wanna sharp your mind? Download this famous gaming app and solve puzzles to be smarter. Choose correct numbers and switch to more complicated levels.

Get the app for Android [link]

54. Ice Age Adventures

If you’re a fond of Ice Age movie, this gaming app is definitely for you. It has fascinating and simple gameplay & can be used without a WiFi connection.

Download the app for Android [link]

55. Juice Cubes

In this gaming app, you have to connect the fruit cubes. There is an opportunity to compete on Facebook. The game was developed by the creators of Angry Birds (Rovio Stars company). Connect cubes to go through more than 165 levels, consisting of fruit fun in a tropical paradise full of pirates, mermaids, witches, etc.

Get the app for Android [link]

56. Turbo Fast

Most probably, you’ve watched Turbo FAST TV series. This game is devoted to this series featuring fast and curious gameplay and bright design. Surely, the app is about racing.

Get the app for Android [link]

57. Hardest Game Ever II

The branded name of this application fully reflects its essence. In this application, you’ll encounter incredibly complex tasks that will allow you to determine the level of your intelligence, reaction, and speed of thinking. The application contains 165 levels. You can also compete with your Facebook friends.

Get the app for Android [link]

58. Hungry Shark Evolution

As you might have guessed, the main hero of this game is a shark. The fish is very gluttonous. The sea creature constantly needs food; it even starts to lose health if its stomach is not full. After downloading the Hungry Shark Evolution, you will need to feed the small shark.

Get the app for Android [link] & iOS [link]

59. Ant Smash

This gaming app is similar to Fruit Ninja. However, a gamer needs to smash ants instead of cutting fruits. Be careful and don’t smash small bombs.

Get the app for Android [link]

60. Infinity Loop

This simple game will help a gamer to relax. He / she needs to connect multiple curved shapes to make a shape without breaks.

Get the app for Android [link]

61. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This is a mobile version of the worldwide famous computer game which clearly needs no introduction.

Get the app for Android [link]

62. Really Bad Chess

In Really Bad Chess, every game is a complicated trial, because you have to play randomly generated set of figures.

Get the app for Android [link]

63. Flappy Bird

With the help of screen touches, a player needs to control the flight of the bird between the rows of green pipes, without touching them.

Get the app for Android [link] & iOS [link]

64. Crossy Road

This is an arcade-style game, where the key character is chicken. A gamer needs to help it cross the street.

Get the application for Android [link] & iOS [link]

65. Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you want unlimited risk & crazy speed, we recommend you try yourself on the roads of this remarkable game.

Get the application for Android [link]